Corrie Ten Boom is Honored for Showing Best Example for Christian People

Corrie Ten Boom is honored all around the world for showing an example of Christian faith for people. She was arrested by Nazis with her entire family for providing shelter to the Jew people and hiding them from the Nazis at the time of the Holocasut.  Corrie was sentenced to imprisonment and sent to Ravensbruck Concentration camp along with her sibling Bestie. Corrie was supposed to be released on December 31st 1944 but days before that Bestie perished. Corrie ten was very inspired by the sacrifice and dedication of Bestie. She decided to open a post-war home for the people of other camps and the ones who were still affected from the war crisis. She tried to help everyone to recover from their wounds of war they have survived from. She traveled a lot to give the message of peace as a missionary. She insisted on God’s forgiveness and asked for reconciliation. Her faith in Christianity principals and God’s forgiveness was even tested when one of the tormentors from Ravenbruck came in front of her. The usual description of this face to face encounter is detailed in her autobiography “The hiding place” which she wrote in 1971, with some help from John Sherrill and Elizabeth.

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