The Life of Corrie Ten Boom

Born in 1892, Corrie Ten Boom was raised in a deeply Christian thoughts family. The generosity and their commitment for social welfare is recognized in past. The family was famous for helping everyone who was in need of the help. Her hrandfather, Willem, built a watch making shop in Haarlem, Holland in 1837. This was the same city as Corrie was born. The shop was on the ground floor while the family made it their residence on the above floor. The shop was inherited by Willem’s son casper upon his death and then it was Corrie who owned the shop, becoming the female watchmaker in Holand.

She is widely known for being the woman who resisted against the Nazi’s movement against the Jew people. When Corrie was 48 years old, she was disturbed by what was happening in the country by the Nazis. The persecution of Jews on big level was something that shook her to her roots. She decided to do something about it, however fighting with the Nazis wasn’t something she could’ve done so she decided to help the Jew people in a non-violence way. She opened her home as a refugee camp for the Jew people and hid them from the Nazis, for which she was imprisoned and sent to Ravenbruck Concentration camp.

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